We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. -unknown

Arrington Vineyards, June 2018

Hellen Willett

Photo by Julie Davy.

I'm going to see the whole world!

When asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, Hellen responded with these words. Little did she know that they would forever come to pass. She has always felt at home on an airplane or in a new place--whether in her country or another one. She has forever had a heart to explore and to see new things and meet new people. Her time as a child consisted of "pretend" playing flight attendant and teaching geography. One Christmas, she asked for a globe and an atlas. Night after night, she would close her eyes and move her finger along the globe. Wherever it landed, she decided that's where she would travel. 


And her desire to inspire others to travel continues.


6 continents, 40 countries (living in 4 of them), and 30+ years later, wanderlust and adventure are still the beat of her heart. Travel entices her. It challenges her, develops her, and reminds her that there is a need to encourage others to catch the trade winds in their sails.


So, Hellen invites you to join her on past adventures, the present ones, and the travels yet to come.


Carpe diem!