Travel Tip No. 1

Travel tip No. 1: Be flexible.

This is the number one rule when traveling. One thing that you can count on is that something unforeseen will go wrong. Things won't always go according to plan. Whether that means a delayed flight, a guide failing to show up, lost luggage, getting lost in general, or suffering from a traveler's "bug", something will go awry.

So, my thoughts on this: Be flexible.

Take the troubles with a grain of salt and as an unforeseen blessing. This is very difficult for me, but as I've continue to travel, I've learned that there is a gift in the unexpected. And when I allow myself to be flexible, I am 99% of the time delightfully surprised.

If nothing else, it has taught me to enjoy the ride and gift of travel.

So, take this little tip of advice and let yourself be flexible on your next trip.

Ciao for now!