Looking Forward

At the beginning of 2018, I decided to make a conscious and dedicated effort to my body--caring for it emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As an avid traveler, I am frequently on the go--leaving my home at least once per month (sometimes more). This oftentimes can take a toll on my body. It can be tempting to not care for my state of well being. So, I began regularly taking barre classes. Similar to ballet, it focuses on isolating muscles and strengthening your core. It is truly a mind + body exercise. It has affected me greatly that I take many of the exercises on the road with me. Recently, it became a tradition for me to pose in a particular yoga pose with the destination in the background. As I've gone through these photos, one thing has come to mind: Looking forward.

Looking forward.

Like a compass, my body is pointing in a direction. Looking not to what is behind me, but intently and intentionally focusing forward. But at the same, moment, remaining still--captured in the moment. Enjoying the moments around me. Breathing it in. These pictures are reminders to me that wherever in the world I am, I am encouraged to remain present, but to forever gaze forward--boldly with hope and anticipation and in wonder. 

What about you? What direction is your body, soul, and spirit pointing towards? The attitude of your heart will reflect this. Allow yourself to be open to all that is around you.

Always looking forward, my friend.