Rose-Colored Glasses

n. (pl.): an optimistic perception of something; seeing something in a positive way

I am a fan of rose colored--everything: champagne, decor, flowers, clothing, accessories. The list could go on an on. Pink is a sure way to make my day happier. As I was scrolling through my photos of delicious food and wine experiences, I noticed that I had many pictures of rose colored glasses. Being the curious gal that I am, I looked up what "rose-colored glasses" actually meant. To my delight, it is a phrase to describe who is the eternal optimist--perceiving things in a positive way.

Now, being the avid traveler that I am, I experience moments daily where it can be tempting to darken or fog up my rose-colored glasses. It's much more difficult to remain positive when your baggage has been lost or your transportation fails to arrive or your flight is cancelled. But let me reassure you of this (as well as myself):

Every moment in our lives gives us an opportunity to choose. We can choose to see with darkened glasses or with rose-colored ones.

Choosing the rose-colored ones is a win win every time: for your health, emotional well-being, finances, relationships, and career. Perspective is everything.

Now, don't get me wrong. This isn't an excuse to not live in reality. You can maintain a very realistic perspective, but carry a positive attitude.

We have one life here on this earth and why not spend it spreading positive vibes.

So, cheers to rose, smelling the roses, and rocking the pink outfit.

Rose wins every time.