525,600 Minutes: 2018

I’m just a traveller on this earth.

Like a bubbly glass of champagne, the holidays fill me with excitement, celebration, and elegance. It’s familiar, but completely special. Maybe that’s why I also treasure travel and family. Seven years ago, my family began the “test” if we were going to be able to survive on longer trips together. And though there was some roaring as we were in the African safari, we realized something: family, like travel, is a gift.

And so, each year (almost), we go on a trip together. This year, we are making a record of it (3 in 1 year)! Napa. Mexico. and now Colombia. Each of us can count on the following: We’ll eat too much. Drink too much. But also laughter will always play a part. And the spa will be a definite.

It’s funny how the older I get, the more sentimental I become, but how I desire for others to find a tribe of people (family, friends, or both) that they can travel with. Like families, each city and country, has its own uniqueness. From the rugged ice-capped mountains of Patagonia to the warm temperatures and colors of Cuba, to the vastness and lush landscape of the Azores to the 200+shades of blue in the Bahamas, each place has its own beauty to share. Like your aunt who takes too many pictures, to your relative with the poor fashion taste, to the familiar smells of your home, to your nieces and nephew’s laughter, family members bring color to the room. Green to red and to all the shades in between, it’s family.

So, get in the car or on the plane or cross the street. Travel + family = the best gift of the year.

As for me, I’ll be toasting to 2019 in Colombia (Latin style)! Keep celebrating and keep traveling.

Cheers to new adventures ahead!