Salt + Swimming Pigs

The air was thick with salt and endless possibilities on that hot summer day. My shorts stuck endlessly to my thighs--reminding me of my desire and longing to be out in the sea itself. The water was like a piece of glass dipped in as many shades of blue as there were stars in the sky.

My heart beat quickly as the boat moved away from the shore. Like many parts of the ocean, there was much of myself that I still needed to unlock and discover. The wet salt from the sea beat against my cheek as the boat sped up and a new adventure began to take place.

1. 2. 3. 4. Off I went...

We rode for miles and miles further into the sea. After about an hour, we arrived at Iguana beach. It appeared as if we had entered the Galapagos. There were lizards and iguanas everywhere. So, being the friendly southern gal that I am, I decided to make friends with them. They opened their mouths wide in hopes that I would feed them--bringing humor to my soul. My heart couldn't resist the moment to jump in the salty water--enveloping myself completely in it.

We were soon off to the next stop--a visit to the infamously famous swimming pigs. Legend has it that they had overrun an island in the 80s. The government decided to place many of them on a deserted island. But the picnics of sailors and yachters tempted the over-abundant stomachs of the pigs, and before too long they were swimming out to the boats requesting a meal or two. Well, I'm not certain if all of this is true, but the pigs do swim and they are incessantly hungry--running after a piece a food like it is their last. I was able to lure one into the ocean with a carrot. And in a not so typical pig fashion, he came swimming to retrieve his food. He was then kind enough to turn around, so that I could have a photo snapped with him. Definitely a moment to remember--and all on the Fourth of July!

My adventure continued to a deserted island where I laid out in the sun and enjoyed the nature around me. The boat ride back, I breathed in the overwhelmingly beautiful views and allowed myself to relax--as I dozed back and forth into a summertime nap.

Hair and skin full of salt and endless memories, I recounted the tale of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea and how the salt water is mysterious and enchanting--bringing you a moment of unexpected gifts. And for that moment, though I was alone, my heart once again became alive.

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love. -EH
@worldwidewillett with the swimming pigs

@worldwidewillett with the swimming pigs