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Tantalize your taste buds. Let's travel the world through food and drink.

From the Azores to New Orleans, these weekly food + drink features are sure to not disappoint.

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New Orleans, LA


New Orleans, LA
Recommended dishes to taste: Roasted cauliflower. Tahini hummus. Lamb kofte.

At the bar: All of our Troubles. (gin, lemon, lychee, brut rosé)


Nantucket, MA

CRU Nantucket Oyster Bar

Nantucket, MA

Recommended to taste: Oysters on the raw. New England clam chowder. Spring greens salad.

At the bar: Parisian Summer (Lillet Rosé, Ruby Red Grapefruit & Cava)


Richmond, VA

Havana 59 Downtown

Richmond, VA

Recommended to taste: Shrimp & Chorizo Empanadas. ‘59 Paella (Gulf shrimp, PEI mussels, a seasonal fish medley, house chorizo, served in a 
traditional paella pan with snap peas, sofrito, white wine, adobo seasoned rice)

At the bar: Virago Mojito (Virago’s Four Port blended rum, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, soda water)